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A love letter to the Hudson Valley

ConnectHV is a homegrown network to help connect the Hudson Valley creative community.

The Hudson Valley is vibrant, it is creative, and it is big — 11 counties spread across 7,000 square miles. We need a way to connect the extraordinary people doing extraordinary work here.

A distributed region needs a distributed network. Better yet, a way to unify the communities that already exist here — a network of networks.

Let's make it easier for a filmmaker in Newburgh to find a composer in Rhinebeck, or a couple in Kingston to find a wedding photographer who happens to live in Fishkill.

ConnectHV is for anyone in the Hudson Valley. You can create a profile, showcase your work, and find your next coworker, cofounder, collaborator, or confidante.

“Ten years from now, I won’t be surprised if the Hudson Valley is a byword for a startup culture with a particular ethos — small farms, slow food, good neighbors and thoughtful technology.” The Hudson Valley shouldn't be "the next Silicon Valley" (The Poughkeepsie Journal)


Bet big on “local.”

The internet is biased towards thinking big — global scale, infinite growth, anything-under-a-billion-is-a-failure. What if we took global technology and applied it to the benefit of our specific region?

Homegrown, with a sense of place.

ConnectHV should feel like what it is — something made in and for the Hudson Valley, from start to finish.

Create opportunities for creative serendipity.

You know that feeling when you run into somebody whose creative energy matches yours and the ideas just start flowing? Let's create an online space that facilitates that sense of kismet, all the time.

Support, don't supplant, IRL experiences.

I miss the days when the internet was something you visited deliberately, not an ambient part of our day-to-day lives. ConnectHV should feel similar — something that enriches, rather than replaces, our Hudson Valley experience.

Create your profile. Showcase your work. Find creatives by tag or location.

Who's behind ConnectHV?

ConnectHV is designed, built, and run by Jordan Koschei. I'm a lifelong Hudson Valley resident (Wallkill → New Paltz → Beacon → Poughkeepsie) who's been working on some version of this idea for over a decade.

My first public-facing take on the idea was Hudson Valley Talentbase, followed by my tiny indie publication Creative Hudson Valley. You may also know me from my obsessive Hudson Valley Tech Meetup attendance, or as the stadium emcee for the Hudson Valley's semi-pro soccer team Stockade FC.

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