Jordan Koschei

Jordan Koschei

Poughkeepsie / Dutchess County

Creator of ConnectHV. Stadium emcee for Stockade FC. Lifelong Hudson Valley resident. Husband to Erin, dad to Micah & Lucy.

Jordan Koschei
🍂 Happy Fall, and welcome to everyone who joined in the past few days — it was a record week for ConnectHV!
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I was born and raised in Wallkill, moved to New Paltz after college, and then moved to Beacon before settling in Poughkeepsie. Aside from a stint in PA for college, I've lived in the Hudson Valley my whole life.

In the summers, I'm the stadium announcer for Stockade FC, the semi-pro soccer team based in Kingston.

By day, I'm a product design manager at Okta, where I lead the design technology portion of the design systems team.

I've been the founding or lead designer at several companies, including atSpoke (an ML-driven ticketing platform, acquired by Okta in 2021), Dwell (an iOS audio Bible app), and Agrilyst (an indoor farm management platform). I was also the UX Director at Fusion Media, a Hudson Valley design agency.

I was the managing editor of The Industry, a now-defunct publication providing design-oriented coverage of the mid-2010s startup scene. I wrote around 120 articles, was the opinion editor for a time, and then the managing editor. We put the publication on hiatus to build Playbook, which remains live.


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