Thad Allender

Thad Allender

Olivebridge / Ulster County

I'm a Hudson Valley-based design and product entrepreneur specializing in tech startups with a strong emphasis on community and environmental initiatives. I'm currently working on, a project that promotes eco-friendly home building solutions.

Thad Allender
HV friends! Can you help me test a new platform that I'm building for homeowners? The platform helps homeowners plan home renovations (budgeting + ideation + AI) with an eco-focus. If you have 5 minutes, please signup and poke around:
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I am a highly motivated individual with extensive experience in full-stack software development and entrepreneurship. I have successfully founded and operated two startups, with the first I bootstrapped to over $1 million within two years, and the second being acquired in its third year. Currently, I am focused on a new software project aimed at streamlining and enhancing the residential home construction process. As a co-founder of EcoHome, I'm building tech tools that solve two problems (ecohome is a two-sided marketplace):

  1. Make renovations and new home construction easier for homeowners.
  2. Make it easier for contractors to build a modern digital presence and connect with homeowners.

My area of expertise lies in designing and developing comprehensive solutions using cutting-edge technologies such as Laravel, Livewire, AlpineJS, VueJS, and Tailwind. I excel in fast-paced environments and possess a proven track record of building successful businesses and leading cross-functional teams.

In addition to my technical expertise, I am deeply passionate about understanding business models, optimizing product-market fit, and driving sustainable growth. I constantly strive to identify market needs, align them with innovative solutions, and create business strategies that ensure long-term success.

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