Lawrence Braun

Lawrence Braun

Hillsdale / Columbia County

Lawrence Braun is a New York based photographer & director specializing in interior, hospitality and lifestyle.

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Born in the Hudson Valley, Lawrence Braun's photography career, rooted in a family tradition spanning three generations, began in Southern California. Raised in the art of film photography, his early exposure to darkroom techniques instilled a deep-seated appreciation for nostalgia. This affinity for the past was further enriched by photographing iconic California architecture. Returning to the East Coast, Lawrence's experiences in organic farming and permaculture deepened his connection to the land, informing his unique storytelling perspective. Today, his work for top hospitality PR firms and lifestyle brands, featured in publications like Travel & Leisure, Esquire, Rolling Stone, and Condé Nast Traveler, artfully blends his rich heritage with modern narratives, capturing the essence of travel and lifestyle through a lens of historical reverence and contemporary insight.

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