Julian Blackmore

Julian Blackmore

Ulster Park / Ulster County

With a passion for story telling, and a knack for groove-orientated, ear-wormy soundtracks, I’ll work with you to make the project you’ve worked so hard to create, sound the very best it can be.

Julian Blackmore
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I'm a British composer and musician based in the Hudson Valley, New York, where I write and produce music for media of all shapes, sizes, and formats.

Drawing from my experience as a touring musician, and my work in theatre, film & tv, and podcasts & audio books I seek to capture the emotional context of the moment and elevate it with music and sound. Above all, I help tell the stories you create

My music has been used in theatre and media productions around the globe, including India, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and Dubai. If you watch enough unscripted telly, you’ve probably inadvertently heard my work.

Before relocating to New York to study musical theatre writing, I toured internationally with top UK tribute band Abba Forever, and with 70s crooners Smokie. I played keyboards, sang, and hosted for the world famous Cafe Wha? Band in Greenwich Village, NYC for eight years before the pandemic struck and forced me to put my skinny jeans into storage..

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