Jess Maiuro

Jess Maiuro

New Paltz / Ulster County

A multi-hyphenate creative & marketing professional, Jess has carved out a tailor-made career path that ranges from content creator to senior copywriter, actress on Netflix & voice for brands like Amex, ShopRite, AndNorth, Niche Modern & Brooke Lane Design.

Jess Maiuro
Interested in anything and everything creative
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Jess Maiuro is a multi-hyphenate creative and professional marketing consultant and owner of Jessmark & co, a boutique Hudson Valley Marketing Agency. Jess has carved out a tailor-made career path that includes being a creative director and senior-level copywriter, actress in Netflix shows and the voice for brands. For over a decade, she's held impactful roles primarily in the food/beverage, hospitality, fashion and interior design industries for globally, nationally and locally recognized brands. A New Jersey native, she got her start reporting the local news for Hudson County, NJ–somewhere in a dusty cobwebbed corner of YouTube is a video of her reporting from a city hall meeting. Kudos to anyone who can search and find it! Currently Jess resides in beautiful New Paltz, NY.

Skills & Services Including but not Limited To:

  • Social media & Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Re-branding Your Business
  • Creative Direction & Prop Styling
  • Creative Project Management
  • Art Installation Assistance
  • Voiceover Narration
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Event Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting

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