Craig Valentino

Craig Valentino

Newburgh / Orange County

Creating meaningful design for meaningful brands of all sizes. Senior Designer at Rabe & Co; Principal at Thank God It's Monday; focus in Brand Design, Visual Identity, Packaging, Art Direction.

Craig Valentino
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Hey there! I’m Craig and I've been working as a designer and art director for the past 15+ years. Yep... that basically means at face value, people pay me to make things look pretty... but then hopefully realize that there are years of expertise, knowledge and purpose packed into their brand which paves the way to strong and cohesive visual communication that helps them be successful.

I mainly focus on brand identity and package design, and also frequently design apparel and product graphics, print, and web/UI. Thank God It’s Monday is my portfolio of work and the name I design under independently. I’m currently the Senior Designer at a killer agency in Beacon NY called Rabe & Co. and this is where I spend my days.

Design to me is about communication, problem-solving and strategy just as much as it's about being creative and making something look good. It needs a concept behind it in order to accomplish a specific goal. For that reason, I believe in "creativity with purpose," where I constantly strive to find the balance between design and strategy. ​I enjoy creating meaningful design for meaningful brands of all shapes and sizes; whether it's helping build a small startup or adding additional value to a larger, well-established brand.

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