Amanda Cassiday

Amanda Cassiday

Kingston / Ulster County

I work at the intersection of business, community and regenerative economics to nurture systems that allow all beings to thrive. I offer conscious business consulting / coaching and am the co-founder of Engather, a movement to revive a prosperous gift economy.

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It wasn’t until I had the privilege of living in a rural village in Burkina Faso that I experienced the resilient power of community, and learned that positive, abundant outcomes are not possible without cultivating the conditions that allow individuals, teams, and communities to thrive. For 15 years, this approach has been a driving force in my personal and professional life, from facilitating a woman-led microfinance group in Takaledougou that continues to operate since 2009, to leading design teams responsible for some of the most successful consumer launches in Johnson & Johnson’s history, bringing purpose and consumer needs to the heart of strategy & innovation.

My experiences in corporate and community have equipped me to be a bridge builder: to strengthen purpose-driven businesses and community initiatives with aligned business and financial strategies; and to bring purpose- and community- minded solutions to businesses.

I work with entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, communities, and individuals.

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