Aimee deSimone

Aimee deSimone

Beacon / Dutchess County

After a decade as a TV/film producer, I opened Berte, a curated home + gift shop. Leveraging my skills in project management, storytelling, and biz development, I offer a unique customer experience. My multifaceted toolkit fuels my entrepreneurial journey.

Aimee deSimone
Currently open to freelance opportunities in production, project management, business strategy, and social media ✌🏻
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After a decade producing for network television and documentary films, I took a hard right turn on my career path and drove straight into the world of small business. In 2018 I followed my passion for handmade goodies and opened Berte, a curated home decor & gift shop. I organically grew this little biz from a webshop, to a traveling pop up experience, to a beautiful brick and mortar storefront based in New York's Hudson Valley. Now I produce photo shoots and manage creative projects as a side hustle ;)

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